Uncovering The Nudes Maybelline -Review & swatches!!

The Best thing is to look natural. But it takes makeup to look natural.

These days it’s very difficult to maintain a healthy flawless skin. Our lifestyle, food, weather have become so polluted and altering that preserving your natural self has become a struggle. Visit to beautician or dermatologist is now a binding routine in our life. My mother and aunts in their younger days never ever went to any parlours. Their kitchens used to be the beauty shop for them. And due to using only homemade masks n ingredients, they still can beat us in the glowing healthy skin department.

Ok now that we are talking about the fight of looking natural, Maybelline has come up with one such beautiful product. It has been launched last year but it came to India few months back. It’s an eyeshadow palette with amazing 12 naked looking shades THE NUDES. This one is the very first multi shade palette available in India. And second one is the Maybelline fashion Brow Duo Shaper.


This is the first time any brand has launched multiple shades in a single palette. Its not even expensive and is easily available in local Maybelline stores. Surprisingly the pigmentation and texture is quite good and can be intensified with extra swipes. The shades are close enough to Urban Decay Naked palette. The smart part is the placement of every quartlet. Base , Lid , Crease and line. You can either create three different looks or mix n match. If used with eye primer , it can stay for 5-6 hours without smudging.The texture is matte, satin and shimmer.Perfect for day wear everyday eyes orsmoking bolds for evening outings. night outings.

Price: 900INR

Availability: NykaaJabongKoovs


Second newbie for review is Maybelline fashion Brow Duo Shaper. Its called my wonder stick. Normally nobody much cares about the beauty of brows. If done properly it gives such a lovely definition to our face structure. This pen has double sword and available in two shades. Brown & Grey. The upper lid has piston type soft brush which shoots silicone powder that makes our brows soft and fuller. The other side has 2mm fine tip for more accurate definition.


It’s such a handy and inexpensive product by Maybelline with medium coverage payoff. Its best for beginners who are up for brow game. Suitable for your travelkit.


The only downside of the product is its long lasting properties. You can swipe it clear easily.Also the two shades does not show much of a difference. Anyways at this price its a rockstar for me.

Price:245 INR

Availability: KoovsNykaa

A must try!! 

                        Eye makeup Using Maybelline The Nudes Palette & Fashion Brow Duo




                                                        Its a Thumbs Up for me.How about you???


Base Makeup Tutorial…..

     She who is not courageous enough to take risk, will accomplish nothing in Life!!

Yes and Yes “I DID IT”

I know you all must be wondering what am screaming for. Well it’s so joyous to announce the start of my very own youtube channel. Yes yours truly have just gone live and one step ahead with debuting in youtube sphere. It was not an easy task. First I learned all the tricks n tools of not only wordpress but youtube as well.

Few days back when i started this blog, I was in dilemma how to do the tutorials. It’s such a tiresome job to take still pictures of every step of your looks with added difficulty of editing them individually. Watching the videos are much useful for the readers as compared to pictures.

This is my first video so obviously it’s not upto the mark as I have no clue about the lightening positioning and editing. But with every coming tutorial it will be better n best. Just keep on patting my back.

This particular video is all about doing the base makeup for beginners who struggles with brushes n foundations. Hope they are going to benefit a little bit with this one.

Please show some love to my new channel by giving a thumbs up and do subscribe it for future tips and tricks.And don’t forget to add a comment or feedback or any suggestion to work upon.

Stay tuned for my next video…..

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Pink is the new Geek!!

Whoever said “diamonds are Girls best friend” never owned a Pink Lipstick. The day a girl debuts into the world, we love to shower her with pretty pink and dainty surroundings. Balloons to clothes to cotton candies to even Barbie dolls, Pink colour has always been positively associated with Girls. It’s known to be a colour of charm, femininity, tenderness, sensivity.

People are often skeptical about wearing shades of red fearing either overdoing it or being doubtful on carrying it correctly. But fortunately the case is not with pinks. Irrespective of your age, colour , creed or hair , a simple flush of any pink lipstick can uplift your mood and outlook. It brings an instant rosy glow to your face. With every pink shade you can play different looks. Lighter pinks for office, neon pinks for evening cocktails, fuchsias for weddings. The deeper the pink,the more passion and energy it exhibits. The best part is experimenting with the eye makeup. Going subtle, golden, smoky or even metallic pink on the eyes goes absolutely beautiful with any pink lip shade.

My skin shade is Mac NC 30, a medium fairer. Personally am in awe of all pink lipsticks but still there are few I swear by. I am wrapping out the best ones suitable for Indian skin from my stash. My base and eye makeup will be the same for all different lipsticks.

Pink Alert POW4 (Maybelline)– Its my flamingo colour. Pink Neon with super smooth texture and easy to apply. It’s best for night cocktails and disco parties due to its fluorescent properties. You can easily build up the intensity with more swipes.

Price 425 INR


Mac Relentlessly Red – More than reds this lipstick has darker undertones. It comes under bright corals with matte finish. It’s heavily pigmented and like any other Mac lipsticks you don’t need to touch up for few hours. You should apply lip balm as it becomes a bit dry on your lips.

Price: 1450 INR


Stay With Me Coral (Maybelline)–  The 14 hour claim for this lipstick is true to its word. It’s so long lasting that it’s difficult to remove its remnants after washing your face. The colour is pooping coral with amazing fragrance like a lip balm. Super bright colour with super texture. Highly recommended.

Price:625 INR


Mac Impassioned –  I couldn’t find this in India so specially bought it from US. Yes am in so love with this beauty. From the Mac lipstick collection every girl should buy this particular lippie for her stash. The shade is a bit similar to relentlessly red but different in texture. This one is super smooth n glossy. A must buy.

Price:1450 INR


Pure Amaranthe (L’Oreal)- This beauty is from the L’Oreal color rich star collection. It’s a fuchsia bright pink which i believe is suitable for any skin tone. Not just the shade but also the texture is out of the world. This one is my most comfy lipstick. This range is created specifically under pure reds but it gives reddish pink tone.

Price: 995 INR


Now that you have finished reading, tell me which one you find the most interesting and cant wait to buy.After all

                                             We all Believe in the power of Pink!!

Because Red Is Classic!!

“When in doubt Wear Red!!”

It’s not just a quote but truth of the season. I remember my mother used to wear red lipsticks years ago with a large round bindi adorning her forehead. She was my Marilyn Monroe. Classy n Elegant. Unfortunately with the ever shifting trends the reds too had gone to hibernation for a long time. Browns and purples had become the flavour of the season. In our country red has always been considered to be the colour of matrimony. Unmarried girls would never ever dare to wear the stereotype colour. But am so glad our fashion fraternity has finally broken that myth and removed all the unscrupulous taboos branded for the red makeup in India.

Beauty to me is about comfortable in my own skin. That or kick ass Red lipstick. It’s the colour of confidence, danger, sex and solution to many makeup confusions. A simple swipe of red can raise your confidence; update your classic sexy look and can turn you into a trendsetter. But getting it just right can take a little know-how. Like other things we are a nation of diversified skin shades. From fair to beige to wheatish to olive, its a real struggle to find the right shade for our skin tone. One inappropriate shade can turn you into Heath ledger from joker to Audrey Hepburn in seconds.

But worry not. I will help you figure out the best shade that can flatter your complexion. Here am listing and sampling few of my favourite reds from the drugstore and high-end brands.

MAC Ruby Woo – It’s an ultimate classic red favourite by most of the celebrities. Its has orange undertones which is apt for beige skin tones .

Price: 1450 INR


Faces  Vintage Red – Its an smooth glossy red shade with stay on properties.It gives you good coverage and being non matte ,you don’t need any lipbase.

Price: 550 INR


Colorbar Hearts & Tarts– This one is more of maroon but swatches differently on every complexion.It offers matte finish with long lasting effect. Suitable for fairer skin.

Price 350 INR


Colorbar Rum Raisin –  Its perfect combination of maroon and plums. Neither too red now pinks.It has purple undertones. Perfect for evening outings. Soft & supple.

Price:350 INR


7 Heavens 31- Few days back i was looking for the most gothic dark maroon shade and ended up buying this beauty. Surprisingly this one is not so bad and highly pigmented giving smooth sheen even look. I will highly recommend this brand if you are looking for darkest shades.

Price: 650INR


Hope now you could easily round upon the puurrfect shade for you.


L – R (In Chronological order)

Do let me know if you find this post helpful or any query to ask for.

Story Of A Fitness Enthusiast..


Maintaining weight after completing twenties has become a real challenge. No matter how much you cut down on your diet, it just does not want to leave you. Bless me am one such fortunate girl who does’nt have to struggle with weighty issue. Am thirtish ,5.4 ft still weigh 53 kgs. Don’t be “J” .Its more of a maintaining then a blessing story.

After I turned 18, the age when all girls enter that “I want to look beautiful” phase, since then was keeping tabs on my diet & weight. Also being a sportsperson & associated to fashion industry for long it has become my obsession. Except it was not a cake walk. Living a disciplined and organized life has helped me in staying fit.

Looking around, you meet so many women who are struggling with obese ness & striving to get in shape. But unfortunately they look for shortcuts. Whether going on GM or crash diets, eating weight loss pills, or even going for liposuction, these will never going to help for longer period. You might get instant results but in due time, fat will come back with vengeance & that will be your biggest setback. So come around before you lose last ounce of your will power.

People often ask me about my normal routine, diet & exercise regime. So here am bulleting simple essentials which I usually follow. I won’t be recommending any trash shit diet charts. Am sure you get ample of them on internet.

  • Pin a big poster on your favorite wall with encouraging words like “The body achieves what the mind believes.(yes I have it)
  • Be disciplined whether it’s your yoga /exercise time or meal time or sleep time.
  • If you feel gym or exercising big let down, opt for walking. Believe me it is much more interesting and useful in many ways.
  • If you are foodie,cut down on your portions and add up on your meals. You should not feel stuffed at all times.
  • Eat your breakfast heartily. Skip dinner or finish it before 6.pm.Its not a myth.
  • Drink 8 gallons of water.(coz of dankness, ur diet automatically shrinks).It does wonders to your skin as well.
  • Get rid of extra sugar & salt intake.
  • Add more of pulses and vegetables to your diet
  • Join dance classes or swimming or just play badminton with your kids in backyard.
  • Try to do work on your own as much as possible. Be active at all times
  • Big NO to rubbish food as it goes.
  • And last but not the least believe in yourself & hold your patience.

It takes a month for you to notice your body changing, two months for other to point out.  

                                                     Till then DON’T QUIT!!


Concealer is the Secret to the Universe

Hola pweety gurls!!

These days am so addicted to online shopping that when the world around is snoring away the night, my smartphone gets my unwavering attention. Not that I don’t fancy Malling but virtual buying has its own brownie points. As for a makeup zombie, it’s one of the best places to surf newbie international brands which are not readily available in nearby stores. In my last post I raved about an “easy on the pocket” brand “Makeup Revolution London. The more I use their products, the more I want to explore n exploit them.

The most recent and favourite beauty I acquired from the brand is “Ultra Cover & Conceal palette.


Well in India even the high end brands didn’t come up with a multi toned concealer palette. This palette is like one stop shop for all skin shades. Own it alone and you don’t need to buy another concealer for atleast few years. In India it’s available in two shades Light & Medium. Though I bought only the lighter kit which is reasonably suited for my skin tone.


Each palette consists of eight tones from light to medium which not only suited for varied skin shades but are appropriate for different face fractions. Either the shades can be used for under eye concealer or to hide acne and blemishes. They are super creamy and pigmented in texture, easy on blending and cost effective. It gives a nice smooth coverage and intensifies as you built it up. The darker shade can also be used for contouring.


Verdict: 3.5/5**

Price: 1000INR

Available: Flipkart Jabong Makeup Revolution

Thumbs Up:Affodable, coverage ,varied tones

Thumbs down: Repetitive shades and a bit greasy


See the difference

                      So what do you think gals its Yay or Nay??? Would love to hear from you 🙂

Blush, Bronze and Brighten (Makeup Revolution London)

A true makeup freak, I always lookout for newer product launches. I had my share of lipstick and liner obsession. But lately my interest has been deviated to the more basic. Foundations, concealers, translucent powders are the essential fundamentals of a flawless look. Second comes the contouring bronzer, flushed blushers and high lighteners followed by eyeshades, kohl’s and lip colours. Usually, either we missed out on the secondary step or unbeknown of the impact on our overall look. They act as salient features. But still apart from blusher range,our Indian drugstore brands are lacking on bronzers and brighteners. I find them little stumpy on intensity and indifferent in accordance to our skin tone. Bronzers are not browns but have red undertones which act more like dark blushers.


Few days back during my latest online browsing, I came through this novella brand from London “Makeup Revolution”. As for a international brand, they are not heavy on your pocket. Their products include variety of eyeshadow palettes; conceal palettes, lipsticks and basic products. The latest which grabbed my eye was the Iconic Blush, Bronze and Brighten palette.


The palette is available in four shades suited for different skin tones. They are subtly pigmented, easy on blending with a brush. Bronzers can be effortlessly used as contouring powder and blushers gives a natural flushed look. Instead of carrying three different products, the trio compact kit is travel friendly.


Verdict: 4/5 ****

price: 680 INR

You can buy online from jabong or flipkart or Nykaa


Look created using Iconic blush bronze brighten pallette