Chambor Extreme Wear Transferproof liquid Lipstick-Review

“The most pigmented thing I ever saw is the Liquid Lipstick”

Some of you may not be aware of the new launch from Chambor.They just have unveiled  a new range of Liquid Lipsticks called The extreme wear Transfer Proofs yesterday.Liquid lipsticks seems to be all rave at the moment and these do not fall short. Exclusively available at chambor boutiques,Parcos & Lifestyle stores across India. While malling today I saw their huge billboard across Lifestyle store in my city.And me being me had to have a look. Chambor has come up with a full blown line of liquid lipstick with 18 shades in total ranging from nudes to bolds to vampy.


There is nothing much on either on internet or on their site.I’m glad mine will be the first review.And i will be precise and too the point.



Price:845 INR Expensive for 6gm but worth it

Packaging:Ultra cute flat rectangular tube with black embossing.Comes with a applicator wand for easy coverage.


Availability: Apart from Chambor exclusives, they are available  only at Lifestyle stores according to the SA.

Shades: 18 shades comprising neutrals to dark to gothic.You will be spoilt for choice.There is something for everyone and for every occasion.Each shade has a number instead of name.

Swatches: Extremely pigmented in just one swipe.All the swatches have only one To & fro swipe.

Formula: Super saturated formula with transferproof and smear resistant coverage in just one application.They have semi solid consistency which set very quickly.Unlike some other brands, you don’t need to worry on hurrying the application.It gives you enough time to apply properly without drying.The formula is weightless and really light.There is no tackiness and due to high on pigmentation, you won’t get guck.Texture is ultra matte which gives great coverage without any breakouts.


True to companies claim, it is smudge proof.After applying for eight hours, it lasted through  drinking, eating and sweating and without budging. Ultra tenacious and thoroughly pigmented, the lipsticks are worth their price.


How to apply:  Due to matte formula, exfoliating your lips with a good balm before applying is MUST.Apply a heavy layer of lip balm for few minutes and let it soak in a while.The application can be tricky.If you don’t have a steady hand, I would suggest using a matching lip liner and define your lips.Then use the lipstick wand and fill up.Or you can use a lipstick brush  and follow the natural movement of your lips to create a more defined line.

How to remove: Removal of liquid lipstick is as tricky as its application.You cant just rub off with makeup removal or washing your face.The trick is to apply vaseline all over your lips, massage it and let it absorb for few seconds.Take a smooth washcloth or cotton and gently remove the remnants.It will then come off effortlessly.


Precautions: Don’t forget to apply good moisturizer or lip balm afterwards and ensure they are properly hydrating.You don’t need your lips to be chapped or hurtful in the morning.

The shade I bought is No. 402 which is a mix of pale pink nude.This will be my everyday go to lip shade. The colour resembles the barbie shade which instantly brightens my face.Perfect for day look and everyday use.

XFACTOR: The best part is the stunning colour range.Most of the shades especially the neutrals screams sophistication.

LOW FACTOR: Availability will be a issue.

They should have christened each shade with  a name rather than just number.

Lips tends to get dry at the end of the day.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Will I buy again? 

YES & YES after all

                                                            It’s not hoarding If It’s Lipsticks






Maybelline Colossal Super Black Kajal-Review & Comparison with The Colossal

These days I’m getting pretty obsessed with kohl and kajal’s. If you noticed my few previous review post are all about eye makeup products. Not that I’m complaining.It’s such a fun  to play with products and the contented outcome from all the eotd’s.Btw thank you so much for all the love you showered on my INSTAGRAM pictures. It’s one of  the best platform to share your work instantly and getting prompt feedbacks.


Maybelline O Maybelline It’s difficult to keep up pace with your so frequent launches.At Least please give us time to properly try and  experiment your recent products.I think no other brand is as quick and updated like yours.And yet again you did a fabulous job by adding “The colossal Kajal Super Black” in the kohl series.More than diamonds I think “Kajal’ is indian girl’s best friend. For us “more is less”.


The Super Black belongs to the extended family of Colossal.But more refined , more black, more pigmented, more intense and super expensive.I have no clue why they have hiked its price to almost the double.Any how let me introduce you with the wow’s first.


Packaging, precisely the colour is exactly opposite to the yellow colossal but more wider.Quantity of product is same.It a twister pen so very easy to handle.True to their claim, it’s super smooth as it contains oil base pigments.The cache is the formula.With light absorbing pigments , it delivers more blackness than its predecessor.Two strokes are sufficient to get the desired effect.

It’s waterproof and did not smudge for good 6 hours.Even after washing your face, its fragments lingers.I use baby oil to clean off all the remnants.Use it on your upper lid as eyeliner and smudge it with earbud to get the smokey eye effect.If you want your kohl to last long , use any black eyeshadow above and you are good for another few hours.


For me the big let down is the price. There should be some reasonable hike in the prices.INR 300 is not at all justified with the quantity or quality.It is hands down better then the colossal but it’s way expensive. Even the quantity is less at this price.It will only last a month or less if used everyday.


Battle of The colossal and The Colossal Super Black 

Staying power of the super black is almost the same as of The colossal(Yellow)

Super Black gets less smudged as compared to the colossal.

The intensity of the two kajals are almost the same.

The colossal is on drier side and super black is more oil textured which settles with blink of an eye.

The colossal tends to get break in between but its not the case with super black which is a brownie point.

Super black is 300 INR and Colossal is 200 INR.



Last words

The colossal super black is better overall but price is a showdown. Honestly there is not a huge difference in the two and i would wait for the sale period to get my hands on this one.Otherwise there is no downside of the product.Texture, pigmentation, intensity are all spot on.

Rest as it says” Each to their own”

Ratings: 4.2/5


Lakme-Eyeconic in Regal Green,Royal Blue & turquoise-Review

Since time immoral, Kajal has always been associated with Indian women.It’s a known to be a staple beauty products for us.I still have my infant picture with deep kohl smeared eyes which was supposed to be have medicinal value like improving vision.But now for me it has become a necessity. I just can’t cross my threshold with kohl in my eyes.

So when I heard Lakme has launched some new coloured kajal in their Eyeconic series , I just had to get my hands on them before anybody else.Yes i have a compulsive disorder.It’s been in my vanity for two weeks now but couldnt able to write a review before.But better late than never.

The packaging is similar to the black and white eyeconic.Honestly i was super disappointed with the white one.It just didn’t budge and consistency is very poor.That was the reason I was a bit putoff to buy all the three coloured eyeconics.Regal green, Royal blue and Turquoise.But in the end my innerself Goddess won.At 275 INR, its not a very expensive deal.


Regal Green and Turquoise have a very light difference in shades.As you apply on your eyes, it looks almost the same.But the best part is you can apply them on your lower lid like kohl(as it is called) and it would not look odd.Wonderful breather from black kohl.

I love playing with them.If you follow me on instagram, you will see lots of eotd’s on my page.You can either use them as simple eyeliner, can create a smudged eye look or a base  for coloured eyeshadows. I tried to create some stunning ombre effects using these.


The pen is a twister with slick tip which makes the application easy. Regal green is most stunning out of the lot. Its metallic texture with little bit of shimmer makes your eyes stands out.I love mix and matching them with other eye pencil just according to mood or dress i wearing. Turquoise is also a stunner.But Royal blue is a deal breaker.It does not show up no matter how many swipes you apply.I had to put a liquid liner to get the desired effect.I would rather recommend blue from maybelline colossol.


There longevity is quite good comparatively and stay put for 8 hours at least.A must have for beginners as one can use them to perfect their eyeliner application.I would certainly recommend them for working girls as variation everyday can boost your confidence and break that monotonous look.


This eotd i have created with Royal blue and regal green givinga ombre effect on the upper lid and turquoise to my water line.

Ratings: 4/5

What say girls which one are you planning to buy??


Colours Of Incolor Cosmetics-Review

                      “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”

Holla Everyone

Today we had sprinkle of rain and it hollered onset of spring.It’s the season of colour bright and sunny.Everything is bathed in sunlight.Buds blooming, leaves dancing and trees swaying with the winds rhythm.Its such a breathtaking picture all around.And that reminds me of my new discovery in beauty products.A brand with so much colours , intensity, versatility, economical and consumer friendly.

The brand Incolor presents one of their finest range of cosmetics.It offers finest range of products for face, eyes, skin, hands, lips.The company is a local brand and you would not find much on internet as well.But the products are available online on FLIPKART and SNAPDEAL.I got few of their products (alot) ranging from blush to lipliners to eyeshadows.I have posted a picture on my instagram handle and few of you asked me some relevant question.So i thought of doing a detailed post.

First let’s have a glimpse of all the stuff i got.


So now you can imagine my excitement with all that stuff.I know the brand does nit have much presence and even the availability is an issue.Only either your local shops stock these or you can buy it online.The company really needs to work on their marketing .You would be amazed no product from the range goes beyond 350 INR.Ist it droolworthy??


LIPLINERS: They have got such amazing shades almost in all required colours for your lips.These are retractable pens which are smooth and super easy to work with.They do not get dry & niether makes your lips chapped afterwards.At 175 INR, they are extremely affordable and can give some of the drugstore brands run for their money.I have used these in some of my videos if you want to check upon them.



Coloured Eyeliner Pencils: Will you believe  if i say they works far better than the Lakme Eyeconic kohl’s.Effortless application and intense colour payoff.There are no clumps and if you don’t rub yours eyes, it stays for as long as you want.True that!!Easy to sharp and can have the smudged smokey effect with your earbud. Price is 275 INR but totally worth your penny.



Liquid Coloured Liners: My holy Grail liners.Few days back i wanted to shoot a new video for Valentines and was looking for pink eyeliners which are so much hot trend these days.To my horror not even a single brand have this colour in their range.Even Mac has failed.And thats when i discovered the pink beauty.Does it resembles liners from maybelline hyper glossy range?.Along with the packaging they works as good. Yet to try the brown though.Price: 215 INR. Yes cheaper then the maybelline and the colour range is phenomenal

Blush Symphony -This the prettiest blush i have come across till now.Peach, pink  & shimmery, it took my breath away.Single stroke gives a immaculate payoff.You don’t need to pack them off like some other blushes from good brands. Have you tried the blush from maybelline fit me series.they are dud and expensive.This one at 350  INR is your perfect deal.


Single Eyeshadows: The first thing attracted me was the cute packaging.But for me It was  rocket science to open them. I have got these four shades the  brick,lime green, regal green and royal blue. You can see the payoff of lime green in my last video with halo effect.Rest ones are yet to try but they are soft, nicely grounded , matte shades, gratifying payoff and super cheap.At 165 INR they deserves standing ovation.


So this is pretty much my thought about them. For the downside, I would say the availability is the lowest point.You can list down many more negatives but then its alocal brand with so much affordable prices and honestly few of the products are far better work than the known ones.Just they don’t do enough publicity/marketing, it does not mean the brand is dud.

                                 You need to use them to Believe in them!!

PS: Its not a paid post!! As i said earlier I ‘ would rather be honest than impressive.




Colorbar All Day Waterproof Eyeshadow Sticks-Review (New shades)

Holla girls

Hope the winter is treating you and your skin well!!
As I told you in my previous post, these days I ‘m in mommyland and cooling off my heels for few days.Updating blog post everyday is a struggle.There is so much to do lots of gossiping, visiting relatives, shopping, sleeping and touching base with my books.Nirvana!!

Today was the day for shopping ritual.And me being me just stopped at the makeup counters. More precisely on Colorbar.To my utter dismay nothing was exciting and the SA (pretty girl) showed me these beautiful colorbar All day waterproof eyeshadow sticks. Hey I ‘m not talking about the previous 7 shades they have  launched earlier but the 3 new shades being added in the collection.

I already have the Moss in my kitty (gifted) and honestly rest of the shades were lame(for me).let me give you a quick tour
These were the seven shades colorbar launched last month.They are roll on pens with a sharpner attached at the other end which I feel is little tidious to work with.You can either use it as your eyeliner or cover the eyelid fully as eyeshadow. Extreme blending is must to get the maximum impact.



These are the new three shades which they have introduced recently.I checked on the colorbar site and unfortunately they are yet to update them.Out of three, two is Go Green and the third one is stunning purple.I picked the dull green and purple.

Usage is easy as it’s a retractable pen which can be sharpen.The texture is extremely creamy just like crayons. Little bit of shimmer brings drama to your eyes.Its a versatile product as you don’t need to buy a separate liner.Due to its sharp sleek tip , it smoothly lines your lid.It also acts like your kohl for lower lids.Either fill up with bold strokes or smudge it with a brush to get the smokey effect. You can also use it as your base colour.Add your loose pigments above and make your eyes more intense & bold


It’s lasting capacity is supreme.They don’t budge until you rub or wash it off and still the remnants linger.Even at the end of the day, you will notice little smudging which gives your eye an absolute smokey and rugged look. Totally travel friendly.

Now coming to the downside of the product as nothing is perfect in the world.

At 850 INR for single eyeshadow, it’s on the expensive side.
Blending the product is a hard job.Either use your finger or wet brush to smudge the shadow specially on your crease area.
Colour variation is not sufficient

Ratings 3.5/5

Will I repurchase again??
I might if they bring out more handy shades.


Double liner using Eyeshadow stick

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Morphes Brushes Contour & Highlight palette- Review

Hey Everyone

These days I’ m visiting my parents so couldnt invest much time on my blogging no matter how much i try. Spare me if the review is not upto mark.



On my previous post, I reviewed a brow palette from morphe brushes and true to your comments it can be used as a professional contouring palette due to varsity of shades..But today I will introduce you to the actual contouring & highlight palette from the same brand. Yes I m getting obsessed with this brand. and my fever with the Makeup revolution is totally cured and taken over by MB 😉 Insane Me!!


The all in one pressed contour/highlight palette allows you to slim, contour/highight and compleent your most beautiful features while minimizing ones you would rather conceal.The variety of pressed powder shades are beneficial to all skin tones and face shapes. Whether you want to narrow your nose and forehead or accentuate your cheekbones, this palette offers the ideal tools to leave your appearence looking illuminating,sculpted and lifted.


Size: The palette is double the size of eyebrow kit and closer to their 35N eyeshadow palettes.

Price: I got it for $22 but sales period are always ideal to get the best bargains.

Packaging: Any morphe brushes palette whether its eyeshadow,browkit or blush the kits are all black cheap plastic palettes only differentiate in sizes.

Shades: The palette has 6 enormous pans consisting 2 contour colours(dark& light), 2 highlight shades, 1  as bronzer and 1 as a blush.


Finish: All shades are matte and soft inbetween your fingers. Super blendable and silky to the touch. It has powder finish which later on turns into natural coverage when blended properly.Little product on the brush goes long way.

How to Use:

After applying all your primer , foundation and concealer this is where the palette comes handy to work on the smooth canvas. As you can see in the picture the first shade “banana” types is used under your eyes for brightening.It gives an instant smooth coverage to your under eye area. Second pan with light pink undertones can be used all over your face as setting powder. Top middle shade is perfect for giving natural subtle blush on your cheeks. Even the middle pan is used as a colour corrector for skin shades with yellow undertones. The last two shades are the most prominent in the palette. Brown and the chocoa pan helpes in perfecting your scuplt look. Use it under your cheekbones, under your jawline, sides of your nose and get the stunning lifted cotoured features.


Availability: Either it can be ordered directly from The site or from Beauty bay


Super blendable

King size pans

All in one

Shades avalability



Unfit during travel


Only online available


The palette is supposed to be a dupe of Anastasia Beverley Hills contour palette. Honestly I love this palette insanely. Contouring is an art and you can master it only by practice. This palette is worth your money and you will not regret buying. Apart from contour n highlight, two of the shades can be used as your brow fillers also.

Ratings 4.5/5


Morphe Brushes Brow Kit-Review

Hey Everyone

First for all let me give you all my news..My picture has made it to LOREAL USA.Ist it fabulous?? Ironically the picture is almost a no makeup selfie just a splash of their new color riche collection  exclusive pinks.No idea why they have chosen it.Anyways for me it’s a huge honour.


Ok let’s get back to some serious business. Today I am going to review a Eyebrow palette from Morphe brushes. It’s almost a month now since I have been using it even on everyday basis.It’s my holy grail kit. I have naturally thick dark brows and the darkest shade helps to define them further. It stays for almost throughout the day until i wash my face.


The kit is not available in India.Either you can order it from their site or from

It cost me $20 but you might get a cheap deal on sale periods.But keep an eye on the shipping cost also and it would be ideal if you order other products along to pay the shipping at one go.

Packaging is similar to the eyeshadow palette which i reviewed earlier.The kit comes in black plastic palette covered with a cardboard box. I wont say its a sturdy box rather the plastic is of inferior quality. It might break in travelling if you don’t pack it properly.


Shades:The brow palette includes 6 brow powders that can be combined to create your perfect filler shade.The kit also includes a setting wax and concealer to keep your brows in line! The shades have brown to chocolate to black which is suitable for any nationality.

How to use: Out of six choose the shade closer to your natural brow and apply it with an angled tapered brush to the direction of your hairs. Line and fill up the arches.Go smooth and slow and build it steadily.The concealer provided in the kit is just perfect for highlight the browbone.It will help in defining your brow.

To make it more clear,watch my video “Fill and highlight your brow like a pro!!


For this particular video , I have used the morphe eyebrow kit.

Texture: The powders have amazing pigmentation.A little on brush goes  a long way.It blends smoothly to your brows withough flaking or beading.One swipe is enough to get the maximum impact.



Shade variation

Easy to use

No fallouts

Concealer in palette a bonus

Easy to carry/Sleek palette




Non availability

Ratings: 4/5