Out Of The Box NOTD & LOTD & EOTD

To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong

I believe every girl has that creative bone in her.Give her a sack and she will turn that into a couture. Being an Ex Niftian , experimenting in all  fields from kitchen to home decor to even makeup, I have never been shy of exploring my creative side.Yes i was always the out of the box girl.Nothing ever is straight for me.I love making simple things complex.

And so how can the makeup artist in me is unaffected by this syndrome. There is that compulsive streak in me which works overtime to get that different desired look.Mixing lipsticks has always been my forte.That’s what you call nowadays Ombre lips.But honestly i have tried and tested this long  ago.Same with the nails.My instagram account is full of my silly experiments.I know they are not very practical but a girl has to do what she has to do .Right??

Sharing with you some of my crazy out of the box Notd,Lotd,Eotd.Hope you will enjoy as much as i do..







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Ombre Nail Art DIY

             Imagination Is the Only Imitation Of Nail Art!!

These days nail art has become a popular phenomena  with girls around the world.From Movie star to home makers nails, it has shown a tremendous liking everywhere. I was not into much nail decorating as it surly requires lot of patience and steady hand.But finally the fever has took a toll on me.Being a beauty youtuber, you need to use your fingers as your main tool. And if the tools are beautiful, it will make your tutorial more engrossing for viewers.


So this is going to be my first nail art post but will follow more in future.It’s going to be a simplest one with the “Ombre Nails” which is hottest trend these days.



Start with choosing your nails paints.I would suggest lightest to darkest shades.Nails should be free of any nail enamels and dirt.Shape them to your required size with a use of a filer.


Choose the lightest shade as your base coat.The coat needs to be thicker towards your cuticles.For ombre effect, generally white nails polish is used as your base.But you can use any lightest tint from the lot.Let the first coat dry before applying the second one for creating clear canvas for ombre.

Take your triangular makeup sponge and cut into two pieces.Smaller the better as it will be easy to handle on your nails.Its upto you to choose as many shades but three is the perfect number to get the desired effect.Dip the sponge in water before applying any colour and rinse it. It will  prevent the sponge to absorb too much enamel.


Shake the bottles thoroughly.Now start with painting the sponge with the lightest in just a wide line. Take the medium shade and repeat the application on sponge with exactly the same size line.The darkest will be last one.There should not be any space between the three shades.Apply at least three coats of each shade for turning into a wet stamp.


Now with steady hand, stamp the sponge on your nail in one motion.Repeat it twice but the sponge should be stamped on the same place as earlier for preventing any mess up.Always remember the placement of sponge should be upside down so that the darkest shade paints on the outer edges of your nails.


Leave your nails for 10 minutes to dry and then apply the clear top coat.It will instantly mattify your nails and gives a smooth overall finish.


Last step is removing all the extra enamel around fingers and cuticles.Instead of cotton or wipes, use a pencil brush or an earbud.They will help to clean off the nail paint minutely.



I have used a mix n match nail paints from different brand.But it needs to be of good quality.Hope you are going to try this simple DIY ombre art and do share it with me on my  page 50shadesofvanitty

Also do let me know if i should embark on nail art tutorials as well??






Second Quarterly Giveaway Kickstarts!!

Hey Girls

As promised I ‘ m back again with yet another stunning giveaway. Last time it was all about my favourite beauty products, this time I chose my favourite mix of body butter spa, hair tools and must have  makeup brushes.

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Chronicles of Pirate attack survivor…………………


Today as I was watching this movie”Captain Phillips”, it took me to the similar unfortunate incident happened with us in 2009. I have written this post on my other blog last year and it was chosen as “spicy saturday” by blogadda.

Date: 09 Sep 2009


Time: 12.00 noon


It was a normal routine day. After hours of grinding, all the crew members along with officers including me were salivating on Indian desi food in duty officer’s mess. Sharing sea tales, banters or news from home was regular practice in around the lunch hour. All of a sudden, the duty officer on bridge called for Captain on the speaker which was unusual as amplifiers are used only for specific announcements. Befuddled, we all got alarmed by hearing his panicky voice. Nobody ever anticipated an attack on the area we were sailing. We had almost transited the high risk area and in the safe waters. With bated breadth, everyone waited for the inevitable. Another announcement came within seconds. Our Ship is under attack!!

Our ship BW LION was attacked some 400 nautical miles north-east of the Seychelles. This was the longest range of pirate attack off the Somalia coast ever.

bw lion

bw lion

 All hell broke loose.Instantly all ran for their muster points.Two other supernumerary congregate and myself on bridge as it was our muster station on emergencies. Using binoculars, I saw two speeding white skiff boats just 10 miles away from our liner. Due to the enormous size of vessel and being loaded with crude oil, we could only increase the speed to some extent. But the skiffs rapidly came towards us.

I looked out of the bridge window and saw one small boat with five black people just 20 yards away. All of them clearly were carrying the rifles. Kudos to the officers including my husband who went away on deck to turn on the water/fire hoses. Within minutes we heard an almighty bang. One of the men carrying a bazooka aimed right at us. The grenade struck one level below. It was the Captain’s day room.The fire alarm went berserk as the rocket propeller pierced into the walls and the entire quarters engulfed in blazes. Few of the crew members scurried towards fire spot with extinguishers to prevent the flames spread across other areas.We heard continuous plunk of bullets.

Somalian pirates with rocket launchers and AK-47

The bombardment lasted for more than two hours, and several areas of the ship, including the front bridge area, were damaged by Ak-47 and rocket launchers. Two of the pirates even gestured towards us to stop the engines. But that was out of the question. The only measure was to take evasive actions, repelling the attackers not to board the vessel.

Concurrently a distress call and radio mayday was sent to the office and to international maritime security services. Throughout the two hour ordeal, people from UKMTO were in constant touch and guided us with further actions.

Needless to say we all were scared shit, especially the wives. Our security was the top priority for them. One of the officers was with us at all times. The main intention was to drag  the pirates as long till they ran out of fuel to make it to shore. At last after continuous chasing the Master and crew were able to prevent the marauders to board, through a combination of evasive maneuvering,  maintaining full sea speed, effective use of water hoses and anti-boarding measures. Also we got air help from the French naval in nick of time.

Picture captured from air plane during the attack

We were directed to sail towards the nearest shore possible. We burst into a round of applause and happy tears when were told the pirates had been defeated and now are in safer waters. Everybody took a sigh of relief.

Hours after the chaotic moment’s reality smacked. Not a soul ever wanted to imagine the aftermaths of being captured.Salute to Captain and other officers who showed tremendous courage and professionalism throughout the nightmare.

After signing off from the ship, me and my husband was invited to Singapore office and a lavish party was organized in our honor. I still get goose bumps whenever I revisit the incident. But the black memorabilia is a thing of the past  and it had made me more stronger. I do not live in constant fear now and the unpleasant incident certainly does not dissuade me to sail again.
After all……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Deepika Padukone’s Piku Inspired Office look-Video

Hey Everyone

As you know that these days I’m doing a “Everyday Office Makeup looks”series,so today i thought of doing India traditional look. and what best then recreating Deepika padukone’s Piku look where she is playing a working girl .I chose this because i personally love her whole simple look.The main feature is the deep kohled eyes and kajal is indian girls most favourite must have beauty product.

So hope you like this look and try it.


Products Used:
Primer Nivea After shave balm in sensitive
Foundation:Maybelline Dream Touch b4
Concealer-Maybelline Illuminating pen
Compact:Elizabeth Arden
Liner-Maybelline Studio gel
Eyebase-Mac painterly pot
Blush- loreal Chaud
Lipstick-Maybelline Lip Gradation in Mauve

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The Mother of Beauty Hack-Nivea(After shave) as PRIMER!!

Hey everyone

NO AND NO.This post is not going to be any review for Nivea after shave balm (sensitive).Rather I so  wanted share my new holy grail beauty hack which really works wonders.


Have you girls ever thought about using Men’s Nivea After shave balm as your primer.I remember using my husband’s aftershave lotions as antiseptic for small cuts or astringent to reduce skin irritation.But never in my dreams thought of using it as PRIMER.Yes you heard it right.If you a beauty enthusiast like me, you would know how this fad is hitting the beauty world nowadays. And if you think that i’m sharing this hack without applying on myself ,You are wrong. I have been using it for about one month now and even tried in my last three videos but not shared with you guys because i wanted to test it on myself.


The other two primers i use is from L’oreal , colour bar and Mac and they are way expensive.I won’t say they are not good but hey if you are getting something in just 200INR, GO GRAB IT.


First who are new or beginner, let me tell you what is Primer.

Makeup primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer.They conceal, flatter, smooth and hold things in place.To explain in easy words, they works just like the primers we use before doing white wash in our house mostly called as “Putty”.OOps i hope it helps.

How the after shave works as primer??

Technically i have no idea why it works wonderfully as primer and keep your makeup intact throughout the day.So i surfed around the net to get the best answer.If you check the product ingredients, you will see GLYCERINE as the main component and we all know glycerine is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations.Also it helps to absorb  moisture to the skin and anything you put on top of it hooks onto it.Another ingredient is chamomilla and vitamin E


How to use??

Take few drops and slather to your face thoroughly especially your tea zone area or where you get oily the most.Let it sink to the skin for one minute.You do not need to moisturize your face before as it works as your hydration lotion too.Now use any foundation ( Liquids works better) on top of it.

Who can use??

I have a combination to dry skin and it works perfectly for me.But i have read rave reviews from people who have extreme oily skin.So holla it’s for everybody.


Final verdict:


Super affordable primer

Helps your makeup last long

Works as moisturizer cum primer


Skin looks radiant


Strong smell but it goes off after 10-15 minutes

Running consistency

Heavy bottle not for travel purpose.


Will you buy it again????

Will be hoarding for future if by chance company plans to discontinue the product.;)

So girls will you try this hack?? Go n get your bottle to know for yourself.And dont forget to share your views with me.










Peekaboo at my Vanity corner

Hey everyone

I was little bored about writing product reviews or posting my makeup tutorials all the time so thought of sharing my most beloved and cherished part of my new home.No penny for guessing!! haha of course the area where i spend most of my time as a beauty blogger “The vanity corner”.We are taking our sweet little time to deck up our house and believe me it’s so much fun.Exploring new furniture, choosing matching linen to the curtains, kitchenware, everyday we make a tour to different shopping hubs. Girl being a girl, i wanted my master bedroom to be all white. I know i know it’s not easy to maintain whites in India due to all dust and pollution but still heart does not nod off with the head.

Before starting off with the house, i asked His nibs for two specific things.A big white vanity dresser and a large sturdy bookshelf.Yes i m a big book hoarder too.Will share that   with you guys sometime.

So let me give you a tour de vanity and will show you how and what i stack in my different drawers. Let my pictures do the talking…6588_10154542248943289_6763024733677571844_n

On my dresser you can see my #bhcosmetics, real technique and vega brushes.Stash of my favourite perfumes, foundations, concealers,different eyebase , loose powders and everyday creams.12507702_10154542247973289_2752998754917783900_n

Let’s start with drawers now

First drawer is my favourite.It’s a mix of my most used eyeshadow palettes.From maybelline to makeup revolution to lakme to morphe to mac, I love experimenting different looks using all these.


Second Drawer is full my all time fav lippies from Mac, l’oreal , lakme , maybelline , nyx,faces, colorbar and colourpop liquid lipstick along with nailpaints mainly from maybelline color show collections

Second basket is all about eyes-from gel liners to pens to rolls on , i have accumulated all.You can see few of my drugstore to high end mascaras also.


Third is kept for traditional jewellery plus colourful hair rubbers and bands.I neither have long hair or good quality but hoarding this stuff is my thing.Cant help it.You can also see my watches and few of my glares.12509424_10154542320338289_4580473643208613618_n

Fouth is all about Makeup removal stuff from wet/dry wipes to cottons to ear buds to different kind of beauty blenders in all shape and sizes.That pouches are full of my old lippies which my heart refused to throw..oops.Also i have soft corner for some french manicures and stacked few boxes of these natural looking nails.Mostly hoarded from US


Fifth is allocated to Hair Tools..Not much because as i said earlier i hardly have hair on my head for any tools to handle..hahaha straightener crimper , must have dryer and some rollers of different sizes which i seldom use.12400636_10154542320958289_2411138687653329200_n

Last but not the least is MY JUNKYARD ..All rough and junk jewellery which i have collected since my college days .Black metallic to statement to bead to what not i have no idea.I myself have to look at them closely …oops..You can see my bangle box also which i simply love..That bangles are specially from Hyderabad with stones and chunks.Tell me are these “karas’ are still in fashion.Whatever if not still i wont throw them ..THEY are my “stridhan” afterall…hahaha


There is still half a dozen things left at my inlaws house which i still need to collect.But hey my vanity is already full.:(

You think i need to buy few other drawers ????? “(thinking loudly)

Now you girls tell me no show me what’s in your pandora box. Peeking to other people’s stuff is my other hobby by the way….lol lol

Lots of Love