Hello world!


Makeup is an integral part of every woman’s life. From Barbie’s little makeup world to messing with our mothers lipstick drawer in our teenage years,we all have done our bits. For me makeup is not only a medium of looking good but it arms you with confidence, poise and power to soar high.

I believe that all women are pretty without makeup and Pretty Powerful with the right makeup. There is far less difference between putting on makeup like a mask or highlighting your innate beauty to the best. With the ever changing weather in our country it’s quite difficult to hold on your natural self. Tanning, dryness, acne, blemishes, dark circles, patches are the most common problems faced by women/girls these days. Few can be overcome by natural remedies or even through laser and cosmetic alternatives. But they are high on price and slow in process.

Earlier a quick smudge of kohl or a dash of lipstick with your favourite dress was the done deal. But off late with the introduction of so many newer products and brands in the market, girls are not shying off in experimenting. They wore them like a second skin. It’s astonishing and proud feeling to witness the confident transformation of our 21st century women. Although we still have to beat few hiccups to conquer the inevitable obstacles.

Yes I loved makeup since puberty (;) ).But more than using on myself, i get kicks beautifying others .They are like my bare canvases. Playing with brushes, enhancing eyes with deeper tones, highlighting and contouring the inferior scraps and getting the most contented smiles on their faces in return were priceless.

Makeup is my pleasure, a stress buster, a guilty indulgence, a way to spread happiness. I hope my tutorials, tips and techniques can help a few in need.                 

Get set n Go………………………………..


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