Because Red Is Classic!!

“When in doubt Wear Red!!”

It’s not just a quote but truth of the season. I remember my mother used to wear red lipsticks years ago with a large round bindi adorning her forehead. She was my Marilyn Monroe. Classy n Elegant. Unfortunately with the ever shifting trends the reds too had gone to hibernation for a long time. Browns and purples had become the flavour of the season. In our country red has always been considered to be the colour of matrimony. Unmarried girls would never ever dare to wear the stereotype colour. But am so glad our fashion fraternity has finally broken that myth and removed all the unscrupulous taboos branded for the red makeup in India.

Beauty to me is about comfortable in my own skin. That or kick ass Red lipstick. It’s the colour of confidence, danger, sex and solution to many makeup confusions. A simple swipe of red can raise your confidence; update your classic sexy look and can turn you into a trendsetter. But getting it just right can take a little know-how. Like other things we are a nation of diversified skin shades. From fair to beige to wheatish to olive, its a real struggle to find the right shade for our skin tone. One inappropriate shade can turn you into Heath ledger from joker to Audrey Hepburn in seconds.

But worry not. I will help you figure out the best shade that can flatter your complexion. Here am listing and sampling few of my favourite reds from the drugstore and high-end brands.

MAC Ruby Woo – It’s an ultimate classic red favourite by most of the celebrities. Its has orange undertones which is apt for beige skin tones .

Price: 1450 INR


Faces  Vintage Red – Its an smooth glossy red shade with stay on properties.It gives you good coverage and being non matte ,you don’t need any lipbase.

Price: 550 INR


Colorbar Hearts & Tarts– This one is more of maroon but swatches differently on every complexion.It offers matte finish with long lasting effect. Suitable for fairer skin.

Price 350 INR


Colorbar Rum Raisin –  Its perfect combination of maroon and plums. Neither too red now pinks.It has purple undertones. Perfect for evening outings. Soft & supple.

Price:350 INR


7 Heavens 31- Few days back i was looking for the most gothic dark maroon shade and ended up buying this beauty. Surprisingly this one is not so bad and highly pigmented giving smooth sheen even look. I will highly recommend this brand if you are looking for darkest shades.

Price: 650INR


Hope now you could easily round upon the puurrfect shade for you.


L – R (In Chronological order)

Do let me know if you find this post helpful or any query to ask for.


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