Base Makeup Tutorial…..

     She who is not courageous enough to take risk, will accomplish nothing in Life!!

Yes and Yes “I DID IT”

I know you all must be wondering what am screaming for. Well it’s so joyous to announce the start of my very own youtube channel. Yes yours truly have just gone live and one step ahead with debuting in youtube sphere. It was not an easy task. First I learned all the tricks n tools of not only wordpress but youtube as well.

Few days back when i started this blog, I was in dilemma how to do the tutorials. It’s such a tiresome job to take still pictures of every step of your looks with added difficulty of editing them individually. Watching the videos are much useful for the readers as compared to pictures.

This is my first video so obviously it’s not upto the mark as I have no clue about the lightening positioning and editing. But with every coming tutorial it will be better n best. Just keep on patting my back.

This particular video is all about doing the base makeup for beginners who struggles with brushes n foundations. Hope they are going to benefit a little bit with this one.

Please show some love to my new channel by giving a thumbs up and do subscribe it for future tips and tricks.And don’t forget to add a comment or feedback or any suggestion to work upon.

Stay tuned for my next video…..

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