Yours Truly!!

“I was thin, gawky, big faced with blotchy skin. Nobody wanted to be friends with me. I was heartbroken, low on self esteem, always remains in shadows of my brother and sister. But one day out of blue a God fairy has introduced me to the world of makeup and turned me into a beautiful princess. I no more live in fear of rejection and inferiority.”

Wow that was a funny crazy story i made-up to sell my blog. Ok let me re-introduce myself.


                                       I am Anu Dev -A Bi-polar abuser of make-up
lover of fashion, a trend cheater, Mix & Match chic, Globetrotter, Bibliophile and a sailor’s sweetheart. This is my second blog as my love for all things beautiful needed a new exclusive home. I am a creative soul, a fashion degree holder and a huge makeup hoarder. I spread happiness with making others look beautiful. This is going to be a House of makeup, beauty, new looks and people’s real stories struggling with brushes and liners.

So lo and behold and be my guest to this beautiful Vanity fair. Lots of Love!!

You can contact me at


8 thoughts on “Yours Truly!!

  1. Hello beautifull…Love the blog you have here..slowly discovering it..thanks for stopping by my blog…wishing you a lovelyl and a wonderful year ahead😊💞💞💞


  2. Hey Anu, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have recently got into make-up and since them am always on a look-out for realistic and genuine recommendations and reviews. Congrats for having this wonderful blog. More power to you and may 2016 brings lots of success to you.

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