“People will always try to stop you doing the right thing if it is unconventional”

I have taken this quote quiet seriously in my life and hence trying out these avant-garde lipsticks. Few days back while reading out the fashion forecast, the gurus have predicted Yellow, blue and green lippies to be the next big trend. And me being me religiously following the trend gone ahead and bought these two shades “Felony and immortal” from the Makeup revolution range. Only two brands were offering these colours in India Mac and MR. Obviously before investing on such unusual colours, I chose the inexpensive brand to spare my regret later.



Flipkart is selling these two shades along with few others from the range. Mauve, orange, dirty blue and purple. As the price is there USP, I bought these for only 200 INR. Packaging for both the lipstick is pretty simple with a sturdy bullet and a barcode print. One end has a transparent covering showing the glimpse of the shade inside.



Felony -I was hugely excited when i opened the bullet. Both the shades were looking divine to my eyes. But unfortunately the minute I applied Felony, but my al happiness took a nosedive. The texture is so bad that even applying many layers it did not budge. It is super patchy and leaves balls. I think even a oil paint colour will do far better job than this. I have used all sorts of tools from fingers to brushes to powders to get the maximum coverage and you can see the result in the picture below. Hated it totally.


Immortal – the ice blue shade was a little better comparatively in terms of coverage. Though it was as slippery as felony .But atleast the colour showed up after few swipes. After using my own hack to increase its staying power, it lasted only for 30 minutes..oops!! It sucks on the longevity. But then at this price you certainly can’t expect more.


All in all I would not recommend the brand for lipsticks. Although there eyeshadow palettes are to die for if you are looking for budget friendly products. But I would certainly try out these un-traditional colours.  I know they look a bit weird but again you are not supposed to wear them alone. You need to mix them with other colours to get customised shades particularly suited for you. You can brighten or darken the hues by mixing other seasonal shades from your stash. For instance apply perky orange on the outer and yellow to your inner lips and mix them well. Or just apply it just above your red lipstick to tone it down by converting into a tomato colour.


Same goes with the blue shades. It’s famous for cooling down too warm up colours. Gel them with your corals or red and switch to wine & fuchsias.


This particular lipsticks are total nay for me but colour are surly yay..What do you think??




  1. Weird colors for a lipstick but looks fab on you, great review, tbh me and my friends often used to mix up two shades to get a totally new one. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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