Colorbar All Day Waterproof Eyeshadow Sticks-Review (New shades)

Holla girls

Hope the winter is treating you and your skin well!!
As I told you in my previous post, these days I ‘m in mommyland and cooling off my heels for few days.Updating blog post everyday is a struggle.There is so much to do lots of gossiping, visiting relatives, shopping, sleeping and touching base with my books.Nirvana!!

Today was the day for shopping ritual.And me being me just stopped at the makeup counters. More precisely on Colorbar.To my utter dismay nothing was exciting and the SA (pretty girl) showed me these beautiful colorbar All day waterproof eyeshadow sticks. Hey I ‘m not talking about the previous 7 shades they have  launched earlier but the 3 new shades being added in the collection.

I already have the Moss in my kitty (gifted) and honestly rest of the shades were lame(for me).let me give you a quick tour
These were the seven shades colorbar launched last month.They are roll on pens with a sharpner attached at the other end which I feel is little tidious to work with.You can either use it as your eyeliner or cover the eyelid fully as eyeshadow. Extreme blending is must to get the maximum impact.



These are the new three shades which they have introduced recently.I checked on the colorbar site and unfortunately they are yet to update them.Out of three, two is Go Green and the third one is stunning purple.I picked the dull green and purple.

Usage is easy as it’s a retractable pen which can be sharpen.The texture is extremely creamy just like crayons. Little bit of shimmer brings drama to your eyes.Its a versatile product as you don’t need to buy a separate liner.Due to its sharp sleek tip , it smoothly lines your lid.It also acts like your kohl for lower lids.Either fill up with bold strokes or smudge it with a brush to get the smokey effect. You can also use it as your base colour.Add your loose pigments above and make your eyes more intense & bold


It’s lasting capacity is supreme.They don’t budge until you rub or wash it off and still the remnants linger.Even at the end of the day, you will notice little smudging which gives your eye an absolute smokey and rugged look. Totally travel friendly.

Now coming to the downside of the product as nothing is perfect in the world.

At 850 INR for single eyeshadow, it’s on the expensive side.
Blending the product is a hard job.Either use your finger or wet brush to smudge the shadow specially on your crease area.
Colour variation is not sufficient

Ratings 3.5/5

Will I repurchase again??
I might if they bring out more handy shades.


Double liner using Eyeshadow stick

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