Colours Of Incolor Cosmetics-Review

                      “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you”

Holla Everyone

Today we had sprinkle of rain and it hollered onset of spring.It’s the season of colour bright and sunny.Everything is bathed in sunlight.Buds blooming, leaves dancing and trees swaying with the winds rhythm.Its such a breathtaking picture all around.And that reminds me of my new discovery in beauty products.A brand with so much colours , intensity, versatility, economical and consumer friendly.

The brand Incolor presents one of their finest range of cosmetics.It offers finest range of products for face, eyes, skin, hands, lips.The company is a local brand and you would not find much on internet as well.But the products are available online on FLIPKART and SNAPDEAL.I got few of their products (alot) ranging from blush to lipliners to eyeshadows.I have posted a picture on my instagram handle and few of you asked me some relevant question.So i thought of doing a detailed post.

First let’s have a glimpse of all the stuff i got.


So now you can imagine my excitement with all that stuff.I know the brand does nit have much presence and even the availability is an issue.Only either your local shops stock these or you can buy it online.The company really needs to work on their marketing .You would be amazed no product from the range goes beyond 350 INR.Ist it droolworthy??


LIPLINERS: They have got such amazing shades almost in all required colours for your lips.These are retractable pens which are smooth and super easy to work with.They do not get dry & niether makes your lips chapped afterwards.At 175 INR, they are extremely affordable and can give some of the drugstore brands run for their money.I have used these in some of my videos if you want to check upon them.



Coloured Eyeliner Pencils: Will you believe  if i say they works far better than the Lakme Eyeconic kohl’s.Effortless application and intense colour payoff.There are no clumps and if you don’t rub yours eyes, it stays for as long as you want.True that!!Easy to sharp and can have the smudged smokey effect with your earbud. Price is 275 INR but totally worth your penny.



Liquid Coloured Liners: My holy Grail liners.Few days back i wanted to shoot a new video for Valentines and was looking for pink eyeliners which are so much hot trend these days.To my horror not even a single brand have this colour in their range.Even Mac has failed.And thats when i discovered the pink beauty.Does it resembles liners from maybelline hyper glossy range?.Along with the packaging they works as good. Yet to try the brown though.Price: 215 INR. Yes cheaper then the maybelline and the colour range is phenomenal

Blush Symphony -This the prettiest blush i have come across till now.Peach, pink  & shimmery, it took my breath away.Single stroke gives a immaculate payoff.You don’t need to pack them off like some other blushes from good brands. Have you tried the blush from maybelline fit me series.they are dud and expensive.This one at 350  INR is your perfect deal.


Single Eyeshadows: The first thing attracted me was the cute packaging.But for me It was  rocket science to open them. I have got these four shades the  brick,lime green, regal green and royal blue. You can see the payoff of lime green in my last video with halo effect.Rest ones are yet to try but they are soft, nicely grounded , matte shades, gratifying payoff and super cheap.At 165 INR they deserves standing ovation.


So this is pretty much my thought about them. For the downside, I would say the availability is the lowest point.You can list down many more negatives but then its alocal brand with so much affordable prices and honestly few of the products are far better work than the known ones.Just they don’t do enough publicity/marketing, it does not mean the brand is dud.

                                 You need to use them to Believe in them!!

PS: Its not a paid post!! As i said earlier I ‘ would rather be honest than impressive.





40 thoughts on “Colours Of Incolor Cosmetics-Review

  1. Wow, that purple liner is absolutely gorgeous! I tried the Sephora liner in a similar shade and it was horrible! I felt like I couldn’t open my eyes because it dried so hard and it would crack with each blink, such a huge disappointment. Now that you’ve shared this one, I’ll have to see if I can find it because it’s so pretty and looks great on the eye. I also love the eyeshadows you shared, the pigmentations look great! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend!




    • That’s the reason I shared this perticular post. We are such a beauty snob n thinks only the expensive brands works best.Sometime I feel it’s all about marketing.The more you spend on advertising the more customers you get.No matter the products are worth the penny.
      Thank you for reading. Will be sharing more eotd with these liners on my instagram handle @50shadesofvanitty


  2. It’s always lovely to read your reviews, so honest and useful. I loved almost all the products you introduced here, especially blush, it is stunning! Eye shadows are lovely too, will certainly like to try them out.
    Wish you a lovely weekend gorgeous!


  3. There is nothing I can learn from this products, I can’t use it nah. Haha.. But it is always nice to see your efforts which you put, it is so so helpful for people. And your videos are amazing. I’ve seen them. I like the way the way you present it. Especially your English accent. 😆☺☺


  4. I envy your collection 🙂 Do you have swatches of the lip liners? I would love to add them to my collection. Also the eye liner is stunning !


  5. I (and my products in flipkart’s cart too) was waiting for this post for so long 😀 now time to do the shopping 😀 I am gonna hog onto eye and lip liners and eyeshadows majorly 🙂


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