Hey girls

Today It’s my review day and my fingers are frozen to death due to extreme winters in North. Even I am hating doing video tutorials these days.All the layering and washing off makeup is such a  pain.


Anyhow today i am going to talk about a very pretty eyeshadow from NELF USA.Did you ever heard of this company?? It was my routine round to the local store where i got introduced to this beauty. The very first thing i noticed was its packaging.

As you can see in the picture, it comes in a black printed cardboard just like the inside palette. Palette cover is again made of cardboard no metal or plastic. It has all the required essentials for eye makeup.Two sided applicator, a mirror,how to use guidelines and pretty 6 shimmer eyeshadows.

After using so many drugstore and highend eyeshadow palettes, I would say this was the cheapest deal for such a  stunning product.JUST 425 INR. Can you believe it???



The palette is called THE 6 MUSKETEERS, as it has 6 different eyeshadow colours. The series have four eyeshadow palette comprising a mix of colours , shimmers and matte. I chose the shimmery smokey palette. It has navy blue, charcoal, light grey , bronze , gold and silver shades which is perfect for achieving any smokey or party look.


The texture of each of the shades is beyond beautiful. Darkest shimmers like navy charcoal gives the maximum coverage without much fallouts.They are easy on your fingers and comfortable on brushes for blending. They are shimmers so like any other high end glitters you need to work a little bit extra on creating base.

For lighter shimmers , use a good primer underneath to get the maximum output.An eye base like Mac painterly pot or any white eyeshadow is perfect for achieving clean eye look. A black or darker matte base is recommended for using dark shimmers.Either use black kohl or may be a blue matte eyeliner/pencil for navy blue shimmer. Also wet your brush/ finger before applying it on your lids.



1/ Smooth primer over eye area to help prevent eye color from fading or creasing.
2/ Sweep the lighter shade onto lid and the inner corner of eye.
3/ Apply medium shade into crease.
4/ Blend the two darkest shades into the outer corner of eye and along lower lash line


Super affordable

Good coverage

Less fallouts

Easy to carry

Pretty shades



They should have added few matte shades also in single palette

Bad availability

Poor marketing.

Rating: 4/5

Honestly at this price , the palette is far better than drugstore palettes which are way expensive. They really need to work on their marketing aspect and stack up products for more availability.





  1. Yes!! It is freezing cold!!
    You posted a pic of this palette a long time back! I was curious about it since then. Thanx for the review…
    How to get it??


  2. Hey Anu 😊😊😊
    I knew about this brand via msmboxindia, as they send a gorgeous Blush from nelf usa in their November express box. This eyeshadow pallette is super gorgeous and affordable. 😍😍😍 I also like it’s packaging. Can you please let me know free where I can buy this in Delhi.
    Stay blessed 😘😘😘


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