Faces Sparkle Dust Wild-Review

Hey Everyone


Last Year during my vacation in  Los angeles, I was strolling in macy’s. More than any stuff i love exploring their makeup section.And that was the time when i first saw these beautiful jewelled pigments lying in all their glory.I have no idea why i didn’t picked them at that time. Unfortunately when i went to the faces counter in India, the SA informed me that they were discontinued.Imagine how disheartened i was …

And imagine how happy I was when i saw them back on the racks.I think there is no other brand in India offering these kind of loose  sparkle pigments.

If you don’t know already, it’s the most versatile product.Apart from using as eyeshadow, they can be used as alone or mixed with nailpaints and lipgloss to customise your own shades. Ist it great!!


Packaging:These are called the stackables because you can screw/stack the 5 jars together easily(see pic).So much travel friendly and easy to carry.

Price: 799 INR Five jars at this price seems satisfactory.

Shades: The stackables have 3 shades Wild, wish and Earth. Each stack has 5 jars consisting of different colours.For me wild and wish looks almost the same and earth is all grey white , charcoal and black -all earthy colours.

The shade i picked is WILD which has glittery pink, bottle blue,light blue,purple and lime green.


Texture– They are extremely smooth almost powdery and dance in between your fingers.High consistency helps in blending easily

How to use: As i already mentioned above , they can be used three ways.eyeshadow, nail paint and lipgloss.But i think i would prefer them as my shimmery powder.Like other loose pigments, these are also difficult to work with.You either need a good eye primer or use a  gel liner of the same colour to get the maximum impact.Always use it with your wet brush as the holding power will be higher and moisture will help the sparkles to stay on the lid for longer time. Else you can use it with your wet finger and place them in the middle of your eye for achieving instant glossy party look.





Versatile product


Travel friendly

Shade variations

Less fallout




Difficult to handle for a beginner

Difficult to use without primer


Ratings: 4/5 

So girls do you have any other loose shimmery powders in your stash.Any Recommendations?


28 thoughts on “Faces Sparkle Dust Wild-Review

  1. I get a feeling I will be messy with eyeshadow dusts. Never really tried them. But the idea I might end up getting the eye shadow everywhere seems to be stopping me.


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