Heart thudding, eyes popping, mouth watering,head palpitating ….what’s happening to me?? Do i need a doctor?? somebody asked…I tried to formulate words in my mouth but nothing came. Yes that’s what happened when I saw the most awaited “L’oreal Color Riche collection Exclusive PINKS on the counters and screamed like a child.


I knew they are launching soon but have no idea when. It’s been a total shock and surprise when the girl on L’oreal counter (Now my friend) ran after me to deliver the news. I didn’t believe her at once but the moment she unveiled these seven beauties, I was spellbound. They all were looking like barbies …all pink and sexy.

If you must know like L’oreal star collection pure reds , they have been designed taking inspiration from beautiful women from all over the world.”A pink for every women’. The reason why i was shocked about there launch was not seeing much of the products pre publicity.I am still astonished that its s not been unveiled on Loreal India website.(Super bad marketing).Anyways not our buisness

Did you guys watch this stunning video with the Iconic ambassadors and musical legend John Green introducing Exclusive color riche pink lipsticks


The collection have some seven shades in total dedicating the colours to Aishwarya (Yayii), Jennifer Lopez, Liya, Naomi,Blake,Eva and Doutzen.

The price is same as the pure reds 895INR each.

Unlike reds , these lippies have matte finished bullets with gold signatures from the icons.


Shades:Seven hues of striking velvet matte pinks. All the colours are simply beautiful ..from nude to lightest pink to shocking fluorescence that ended with wine pink , there is something for everyone. It has been designed to suit women for all skin shades.Though you will find few of the colours are hardly distinct. Some might look just same on particular skin.


The colour i picked is Aishwarya offcourse the loyalty.No but it seems quite the obvious choice for my colour.I won’t say all the shades are out of the world. You might have some colours already in your vanity.But others are spectacular.


Aishwarya is a mix of red pink and nude which just comes out like a barbie colour on my lips.I LOVE IT.


I am a  ardent fan of pure reds texture and pigmentation.Same goes with pink exclusive.True to their claim ,they are ultra velvet matte sophisticated pinks.Though i have only tried on shade on my lips but not sure of the lightest shade.When I swatch two of the shades , I felt some patchiness.It might be my illusion but again i have to be honest.

It also depends how many swipes you do ..the more the better.



On their Uk site , the Designer has recommended using a nude liner for achieving  truly defined lips and to reduce lipstick bleeding.But i think i can directly use the normal way directly through the bullet.


I think they should have come up with a bit extraordinary shades.They look quite dark in the bullet but far lighter on your lips.Love the texture totally. I think i will buy another one specially the wine pink.It looks quite strinking. Refreshing, non bleed , moist matte , perfect everyday wear shades.Highly recommendable afterall

“Pink is more than a colour.It’s an obsession”

So what do you think guys which colour are you picking to feed your pink obsession???Do let me know in the comment section below.






35 thoughts on “COLOR RICHE COLLECTION EXCLUSIVE PINKS-Launched in India-Review

  1. OMG the packaging is to die for! Thanks for your review. I really wanted Eva’s red shade as well to come to India, but unfortunately it did not. So I’m really glad that her pink is launched over here but I don’t think her pink shade will suit Indian skin tone as it’s extremely light colored. As you mentioned, I think most of us have these shades, so a lot of our purchases will be dictated by whose fan we are. He he.

    Pls check the price again because I think the Pure Reds are for 995 if I’m not mistaken.


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