The Mother of Beauty Hack-Nivea(After shave) as PRIMER!!

Hey everyone

NO AND NO.This post is not going to be any review for Nivea after shave balm (sensitive).Rather I so  wanted share my new holy grail beauty hack which really works wonders.


Have you girls ever thought about using Men’s Nivea After shave balm as your primer.I remember using my husband’s aftershave lotions as antiseptic for small cuts or astringent to reduce skin irritation.But never in my dreams thought of using it as PRIMER.Yes you heard it right.If you a beauty enthusiast like me, you would know how this fad is hitting the beauty world nowadays. And if you think that i’m sharing this hack without applying on myself ,You are wrong. I have been using it for about one month now and even tried in my last three videos but not shared with you guys because i wanted to test it on myself.


The other two primers i use is from L’oreal , colour bar and Mac and they are way expensive.I won’t say they are not good but hey if you are getting something in just 200INR, GO GRAB IT.


First who are new or beginner, let me tell you what is Primer.

Makeup primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer.They conceal, flatter, smooth and hold things in place.To explain in easy words, they works just like the primers we use before doing white wash in our house mostly called as “Putty”.OOps i hope it helps.

How the after shave works as primer??

Technically i have no idea why it works wonderfully as primer and keep your makeup intact throughout the day.So i surfed around the net to get the best answer.If you check the product ingredients, you will see GLYCERINE as the main component and we all know glycerine is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations.Also it helps to absorb  moisture to the skin and anything you put on top of it hooks onto it.Another ingredient is chamomilla and vitamin E


How to use??

Take few drops and slather to your face thoroughly especially your tea zone area or where you get oily the most.Let it sink to the skin for one minute.You do not need to moisturize your face before as it works as your hydration lotion too.Now use any foundation ( Liquids works better) on top of it.

Who can use??

I have a combination to dry skin and it works perfectly for me.But i have read rave reviews from people who have extreme oily skin.So holla it’s for everybody.


Final verdict:


Super affordable primer

Helps your makeup last long

Works as moisturizer cum primer


Skin looks radiant


Strong smell but it goes off after 10-15 minutes

Running consistency

Heavy bottle not for travel purpose.


Will you buy it again????

Will be hoarding for future if by chance company plans to discontinue the product.;)

So girls will you try this hack?? Go n get your bottle to know for yourself.And dont forget to share your views with me.











29 thoughts on “The Mother of Beauty Hack-Nivea(After shave) as PRIMER!!

  1. The cons you mentioned are worth neglecting looking at the price, availability and effectiveness of the product. Next time I have to go for primer I will give this a try. Great find !


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