New Launch-Maybelline Lip Gradation-Review

“Go Bold Or Graded And Sexy On Your Lips With The New Color Sensational Lip Gradation”


Hey everyone

Today i went for little makeup shopping (nothing new) in a closeby market and bought few very affordable  stunning products.As soon i will be starting off with my new series “Everyday 5 minute affordable makeup” on my youtube channel.The girl on counter was unboxing these new launches from Maybelline called the Lip Gradation which they were raving on their insta pages for quite sometime now.I was on roll and without giving a second thought or even asking the price, I grabbed one immediately.

Ok Let’s roll on to review

Tagline:Our unique cream matte pencil with vivid colour and blurring smudger
Create your look from full on bold to softly blurred


Price: 500 INR but as i have shopped bucket full ,they gave me at 455INR..(Happy Dance)

Packaging: No cardboard box , just a single sturdy double sided pen with a size of a marker .At one end you will see the lippi bullet while the other have a cushion spooly.and believe me it was closer to rocket science for me to find the twister.It needs to be twist from the lower end where you have spooly(complexed). The lipstick reminds me of their fashion brow pen.But a little thicker in size.




Shades: Available in 8 stunning shades mainly hot pinks reds and orange


As i have lots of these colours in my vanity already, I picked up the odd one out “Mauve”

Application: Well the catchy cliche  is  how to apply .As it’s called the lip gradation, they are supposed to give a kind of blurring effect on our lips. Apply colour in the center of your top and bottom lips. Using the smudger, gently blur the colour out towards the edges of your top lip and then bottom lip to achieve the soft ombre effect.




At first i applied the lippie all over my lips.The texture is out of the world creamy.Your lips becomes so hydrated giving a totally matte effect.There is no shimmer absolutely. I tested it on my hands which was little harder to wipe off means a nice long lasting formula.Even it left a very light transfer on my cup.But I still recommend using a lipbalm underneath to avoid dry patches later on. Though it was little difficult for me to achieve that blurring effect properly. I will just go with full coverage.



Seriously the only downside of the product is what’s it’s been hyped about. “Blurring effect”.I think if one wants to achieve that look, she can easily do it with a wiping sheet or the just removing the edgy colour with fingers.That spooly cushion they have provided is a total waste.Also with that gradient effect on lips, it looks as if either you have eaten up your lipstick or it’s not been applied properly.

They should have come up with some more shades like in nudes for everyday use.


Colour Check

Price check

Texture check

Application Dud

Ratings:4/5  for the super comfortable formula and easy to wear shades.



Will I buy another one???

A definite yes – An orange for me.

PS: Sorry for the blurry pictures I should have taken in  daylight





29 thoughts on “New Launch-Maybelline Lip Gradation-Review

  1. The Color looks beautiful on you! ❤️ and 😍😍 I just loved the way you have described wows and lows 👍👍👍

    One more thing I saw your smokey make up tutorial yesterday night , it was so fabbbbbb!! Mann I am learning so much from you💋💋💋 sachiiiiiiiii


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