Peekaboo at my Vanity corner

Hey everyone

I was little bored about writing product reviews or posting my makeup tutorials all the time so thought of sharing my most beloved and cherished part of my new home.No penny for guessing!! haha of course the area where i spend most of my time as a beauty blogger “The vanity corner”.We are taking our sweet little time to deck up our house and believe me it’s so much fun.Exploring new furniture, choosing matching linen to the curtains, kitchenware, everyday we make a tour to different shopping hubs. Girl being a girl, i wanted my master bedroom to be all white. I know i know it’s not easy to maintain whites in India due to all dust and pollution but still heart does not nod off with the head.

Before starting off with the house, i asked His nibs for two specific things.A big white vanity dresser and a large sturdy bookshelf.Yes i m a big book hoarder too.Will share that Β  with you guys sometime.

So let me give you a tour de vanity and will show you how and what i stack in my different drawers. Let my pictures do the talking…6588_10154542248943289_6763024733677571844_n

On my dresser you can see my #bhcosmetics, real technique and vega brushes.Stash of my favourite perfumes, foundations, concealers,different eyebase , loose powders and everyday creams.12507702_10154542247973289_2752998754917783900_n

Let’s start with drawers now

First drawer is my favourite.It’s a mix of my most used eyeshadow palettes.From maybelline to makeup revolution to lakme to morphe to mac, I love experimenting different looks using all these.


Second Drawer is full my all time fav lippies from Mac, l’oreal , lakme , maybelline , nyx,faces, colorbar and colourpop liquid lipstick along with nailpaints mainly from maybelline color show collections

Second basket is all about eyes-from gel liners to pens to rolls on , i have accumulated all.You can see few of my drugstore to high end mascaras also.


Third is kept for traditional jewellery plus colourful hair rubbers and bands.I neither have long hair or good quality but hoarding this stuff is my thing.Cant help it.You can also see my watches and few of my glares.12509424_10154542320338289_4580473643208613618_n

Fouth is all about Makeup removal stuff from wet/dry wipes to cottons to ear buds to different kind of beauty blenders in all shape and sizes.That pouches are full of my old lippies which my heart refused to throw..oops.Also i have soft corner for some french manicures and stacked few boxes of these natural looking nails.Mostly hoarded from US


Fifth is allocated to Hair Tools..Not much because as i said earlier i hardly have hair on my head for any tools to handle..hahaha straightener crimper , must have dryer and some rollers of different sizes which i seldom use.12400636_10154542320958289_2411138687653329200_n

Last but not the least is MY JUNKYARD ..All rough and junk jewellery which i have collected since my college days .Black metallic to statement to bead to what not i have no idea.I myself have to look at them closely …oops..You can see my bangle box also which i simply love..That bangles are specially from Hyderabad with stones and chunks.Tell me are these “karas’ are still in fashion.Whatever if not still i wont throw them ..THEY are my “stridhan” afterall…hahaha


There is still half a dozen things left at my inlaws house which i still need to collect.But hey my vanity is already full.:(

You think i need to buy few other drawers ????? “(thinking loudly)

Now you girls tell me no show me what’s in your pandora box. Peeking to other people’s stuff is my other hobby by the way….lol lol

Lots of Love



33 thoughts on “Peekaboo at my Vanity corner

  1. Amazing collection mam!!
    Could you please tell from where did you get the entire set of furniture (if you don’t mind)!!
    And also, could you do a video on the same??

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  2. Lovely collection of vanity items! I hope your collection quadruples this year. I really appreciate the effort you’ve put in taking these pics. It must have been so exhausting! Cheers!


  3. I need a dressing drawer like this :)My Current table fails to accomodate my stuff 😦 I also have a bag full of lippies which my heart refuses to throw πŸ˜€

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