Morphe Brushes- 35N eyeshadow palette

Hello again


If you guys are following me you would know how I’m going gaga about the morphe brushes brand. Well with the name don’t believe it’s just a makeup brushes brand though that’s what they have started with. But gradually they started with other beauty products. And there eyeshadow palette are breaking the internet. Call that their business strategy but they have taken the social media by storm.


Before I buy any new brand , i do thorough check on the product.If it’s a big hit or hyped up shit.They have full range of pro 35 palettes.

Availability:I ordered it from there website itself HERE.But you can also buy it from either Beauty bay or Hautelook.

Price:  $22 excluding shipping.But now i think on sale they have dropped down to $19.See not that expensive.I would recommend you order stuff along to bear the shipping cost at once.

Packaging: Comes in sturdy sleek plastic black palette inside  a cardboard packaging.They have not provided any brush along.But then at this price, it’s manageable.


Shades:The one i got is the 35N which is a mix of neutral , earthy with cool and warm shades just perfect for transition and crease colours. They have few pinks also and darker matte shades to help you complete your dramatic and smokey look.







Pigmentation:No matter what colours the palette have, if they are not pigmented enough they are total duds.But seriously most of the shadows are hands down so pigmented and little goes a long way.THey are super creamy and soft to blend.Even without a primer or eye base they blend beautifully without getting messy and muddier.One swipe of brush is enough to get the maximum impact.and if layered with darker shades, your smokey dramatic looks screams perfection.OMG i m in love!!

Longevity: Pigmentation- check, texture- check, shades- check, price- check

Now the longevity.I know i have all raved on the above pointers.But girls to holler out aloud it stays in place the whole day without fading away.And if you apply with primer and an eyebase, it only adds to its life.Even few of the colours works better then MAC eyeshadows.Trust me!!



The best part is it has a wider selection of colours to be precise 35 in single palette.

They work like high end eyeshadows at the price of drugstore products.

They have a range of total 14 35series palette with a mix of matte and shimmers along with single shades as well

They are not hyped but the real deal

My rating: 4.5/5

So what do you think girls?? will you want in your vanity???

P.S: I have so many beauty products in my stash but i love to review only the best and genuine product.










23 thoughts on “Morphe Brushes- 35N eyeshadow palette

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  2. I really want to try Morphe, but unfortunately, the shipping to Canada doubles the cost of the palettes. That being said, you still get so much for your dollar!!! I think I’ll stop being cheap and just order one…thanks for the great swatches.

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