Fill and highlight your Brows like a pro!!-Video

Hello Everyone

Few days back some of you have asked me how  I do my brows perfectly.Though i always mention and show in almost all my tutorials but maybe it’s not as detailed. So here I got for you my brow game tutorial.The technique, the tools, the products everything will be mentioned in this Video.

Mostly we Indians are blessed with thicker coarser bushes which is a real boon and don’t require very advanced routine.Shaping and filling the brows with the right shade is the done deal. But unfortunately either people skip this step all together or go aggressive on lining & filling. “Filling”does not mean to take the darkest black pencil and use it to your hearts content.Its about blending correctly and enhancing your natural shape without going overboard. There are lot of pens and palettes available exclusively for eyebrows.The mantra is to use the correct shade and the correct technique.

Watch my video to know better…


Hope my tutorial will help you guys a great deal.

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