Maybelline Fit Me Products Review-Foundation, Concealer, Blush and Powder

Hello Fellas

I am on a writing spree!! Taking full time breather from my makeup tutorials and giving my skin the much awaited detox.There are so many newbies lying on my vanity and screaming for a review.What is the game if you don’t share your first impressions with your readers.

So today the review is not only on one specific product but for a whole new range from a brand which is affordable, durable and a one stop shop for all your vanity requirements.


“Maybelline” FIT ME

A natural line of fresh foundations, concealers , compact and blushes.


Though they have been launched last year in US and other countries but they entered India last month and had hit counters few days back. I was so excited to see the whole range as it covers all your requirements for base makeup.The best part is their affordability. R 500 is the maximum price for any product from the range.Packaging is another stealer.

They have something for everyone.Whether its foundation , concealer or compact, the line has various tints and textures for all skin types and shades.Let’s take a walk and see how each products looks and fares…

Foundation= Matte + Poreless


There is four shade available in this foundation. Warm Honey, Sun Beige, Natural Buff and Ivory from darker to light tint respectively.These are super mattifying base for combination skin.It says the foundation can make visible pores and shine disappear while still getting that smooth natural finish. I was in little dilemma to choose the closet shades for my skin. Natural has bit of yellow undertones instead of pink which is what i was looking for.Texture is slightly viscous but easy to blend and last almost for 6 hours.It gives a natural sheen to your face when applied fresh. I would say it gives a good coverage if your skin do not have dark pigmentation.Due to matte formula it’s recommendable for oily skin.But for normal to dry , hydrating your face is a mandatory step before applying the foundation.

RoundUp: It’s  budget friendly, perfect for everyday use who are looking for light coverage base and for debutantes of beauty world.

Rating 3.5/5




Three shades are available in India Light leger, Medium Moyen and sand. I picked up the light leger as i wanted specifically for my under eye. The pump looks a dupe of Nars. The doe applicator helps in applying it evenly.A little bit is quite enough for hiding the imperfections on your face. It has pink undertones which is best suited for me under eye area.You will get ultimate touch up coverage for dark spots or blemishes or can be used as a highlighter.

RoundUp: Lightweight, inexpensive, high coverage and natural finish.All in all a must have!!





In compacts we have four shades Sun beige,natural beige, jade and buff.Though i did not wanted more compacts in my vanity i couldn’t help my self and bought the lightest buff for me.I use it as my setting powder for my concealer as well as foundation.At 475 it’s a pretty affordable deal. The puff they provided is good for nothing.Deadpanned!! Packaging is sturdy and chic.Texture is smooth but did not last long and gets cakey after few hours.

RoundUp: Light pigmented, easy to match with your foundation, inexpensive but less durable characteristics.





“Go Ahead Make Me Blush”that’s what they say with three shades.Medium coral,medium pink and medium nude. As i wanted a orange undertone blush, medium coral fits the bill perfectly. It has little bit of shimmer and golden sparkles which work as my cheek highlighter beautifully.Though you need to take extra amount on your brush to get maximum output. Lasting quality is a big letdown.It vanishes within few hours may be two oops!!

RoundUp: Beautiful colour, good packaging but bad payoff.


So this is what i have to say about this whole beautiful new range Maybelline has come up with. Overall all the products are more than average, perfect for beginners, pocket friendly and easy to carry.

So will you buy any of the one??

PS: Apology for the bad and grainy pictures.I was too tired and scared of the earthquake i encountered while writing this…:(





18 thoughts on “Maybelline Fit Me Products Review-Foundation, Concealer, Blush and Powder

  1. That concealer is really amazing. I already had it in the shade Medium but I felt that on using it with a corrector it appeared a bit dark so I got the sand shade. Soooo happy with it. 🙂 I am in a dillemma with the foundation. Dont know whether I should buy it or not

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