Magical Pot- Mac painterly (Eye base)-Review

Hello Everyone

As you must have guessed from the title which magical tub I ‘m referring about. It’s THE Mac paint pot In Painterly.I have been planning to buy this beauty for very long time but putting off may be because of its exorbitant price.Silly Me!! Mac never ever goes on sale rather they are hiking up the prices every few months. They never care about poor mortals like us” the beauty bloggers”. When I first saw this product two years back, it was for 12 INR and now its 1850INR. Yes I always regret my decisions later on. Anyhow better late than never, it’s finally in my stash and moreover It’s Christmas.


Mac Pro longwear Paint Pots: A long wearing blendable cream shadows that can be worn alone or with other products (eyeshadow). They have been launched few years back with a full range of matte and shimmer line.





Packaging: It comes in a transparent tub with a black lid as most of Mac products.Total Quantity packed is 5 gms which will last atleast for few years if using regularly.

Texture: Its a creamish pink undertone matte eyeshadow used as perfect base or primer for high end to drugstore eyeshadows.It is smudge proof, crease proof and super blendable.The cream formula improves the appearance of your eyelids.

How to Use: If your skin has pink undertones, this will act perfectly as a neutral canvas to any of your eyeshadow colours. Dap it either with your fingers or brush and blend evenly till your brow bone. It’s cream based but will sets in seconds. This will hide all your discolouration and darkness on the lids giving a even tone thoroughly.Add a little of powder shadow above and  the eyemakeup will pop out flawlessly.

Stability : It makes your eyeshadow as well as liner stay put throughout your day till you remove it with cleanser. Your eyemakeup did not budge and last long for at least 10 hours without creasing.

Best For: Its recommendable for all skin types specially with oily skins. Due to its setting properties, it soaks up all the oil and moisture from the lids. Also if you have hooded eyes, your eye makeup will not budge or smudge from its place.


It’s undoubtedly a likeable product.

A versatile paint pot due to its neutral shade.Perfect eyeshadow base

Does not crease and blends smoothly without caking.

Goes on effortlessly and long lasting

Best for sensitive skin



THE PRICE  stinking expensive

Small colour collection

Product is too less in the jar

Dries out easily


Rating: 4.5/5



So Will you be purchasing this beauty soon enough???


Love xx














23 thoughts on “Magical Pot- Mac painterly (Eye base)-Review

  1. Nice review, primer for eyeshadow?tbh for that amount, i will prefer eye shadow 😀 Never knew about this product, High time to check it out. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I want it for so long but kept avoiding it due to price 😦 But like you said they are not going on sale ever 😦 I will also get it soon enough…god give me strength to survive the burn in my pocket 😛

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