Pearl Smokey Glam Makeover Using Loreal LA Nudes

Hello Pwetty Girls

As I have mentioned in my last blog post about doing a tutorial using The L’Oreal La nudes, the video is up and gone live on my channel. This video will help you to see the correct texture and pigmentation of the pans. For me the matte are real duds as no matter how many strokes I have applied, the color did not show up on the eyes.Shimmers are comparatively little  easier to work with. Good high end primer is mandatory while using this palette along with some eye base to get the maximum output.

All in all I would give this palette  3 out 5. Pity the product does not live up to its hype.

Now coming back to the tutorial, this time I have asked a  friend to model for my video. She is a natural beauty with flawless skin and have been skeptical about using full blown makeup all her life. She was never comfortable with bolder lips and eyeshadows. So to break her reluctance and monotonous look, I have gone ahead and gave her a glam makeover.



For rest watch the video and do let me know if its a miss or hit and give her a thumbs up to build that confidence in her.

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