Loreal La Nude In Rose-Review & Comparison with Maybelline The Nudes

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Last week I went to my doctor and she diagnosed me with a rare kind of disorder. Yes unfortunately I’m fighting it for quite some time now. It’s called “Omniomania”- addiction to shopping. Complusive shopping .


But for me i think it should be called makeupomania. ;).There are so many new entrants  lying in my Pandora box for review but I’ m always short for time. Shooting new tutorials, edits, managing all your social handles, reading post from your fellow bloggers, commenting, keeping up with latest brand launches from across the world really suck it up all your time and energy. I wish we have 48 hrs in a day. EWWW

Right so not delaying anymore, the product which will grace my post is from L’Oreal. “Loreal La Nude Palette”. They have launched two different palettes under this category. “Beige & Rose”.Each palette consists of 10 different pans of matte and shimmers.DSC04362

“Rose’ as the name indicates have pinks and purple undertone shades and beige is all about pale  browns. The box is not very big rather fit as your travelling kit perfectly. It comes with a mirror and an applicator. Brush is bit fizzy but apt for blending.The palette has 4 matte and 6 shimmers.


Now the quality check. To tell you honestly after trying out the nude palette from Maybelline, I had huge expectation from L’Oreal. Shimmer pans are little higher on pigmentation as compared to matte. You need extra stroke of brush to get the maximum results from single shades. I’ m glad the darkest color in the box is blackish purple rather than black like other neutral palette from different brands. Mattes are big duds as the pixel consistency is very low. You really need to hit the pan deeper many times to get your base and transition colour. But can be built up extensively with a good eye primer. Comparatively shimmers have quiet good payoffs. They have less fallout’s and easy to work with. The palette cost INR 1399 for single palette which is expensive for drugstore standards.


L’Oreal La Nudes VS Maybelline Nude 


PRICE: The first and biggest difference is the price. Maybelline costs R 899 where as L’Oreal has priced the palette R 1399. Rs 500 do make a difference to your pocket.

OPTIONS:  L’Oreal has given more options in neutral colors by launching two palettes with pinkish tones and beige whereas Maybelline only has the basic browns.

QUALITY: The intensity of the pigments in L’Oreal is better than the Maybelline. Shimmers works spectacularly in La nude as compared to The nudes M.

AVAILABILITY: L’Oreal palettes have just been launched and still not hit the counters yet. I actually ran pillars to post to get my hands on it. Whereas the nudes M are easily available on counters as well as online.

PACKAGING: I love the packaging for both palettes. They are quiet handy, smallish and suitable for travelling.

I have reviewed Maybelline The nudes eyeshadow HERE


Now that I have tried both the palettes, I won’t rate one above the other as both have equal hits and misses. Some might prefer a pocket friendly version as compared to the quality or vice versa. If you are hoarder like me or love experimenting, you will grab both in your stash. If you are a beginner and don’t like much intense eyeshadows, Maybelline is for you. Whereas for beauty lover, Loreal la might be a good bet.

Hope the review and the comparison helped you in making up your mind for your next purchase.Do let me know in the comment section below.



15 thoughts on “Loreal La Nude In Rose-Review & Comparison with Maybelline The Nudes

  1. That was a very detailed review, I’m always in for a Nude palette, they are multi-tasking ones. Glad both lived up to the promise. But I’d still pick up the Maybelline one because it’s under 1k.


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