Makeup Revolution London Product Review-Video

                “Cure for an Obsession: Get another one”

Whoever said this is quiet true. If you have read my previous post, you would know my incurable obsession with Makeup revolution makeup brand. Every other day, they are coming with new products and every other day, I tend to order them shamelessly. Mostly I love hoarding there eyeshadow palettes. They are super cheap, pigmentations are gratifying and mostly it comes in multi eyeshadow shades.Few of the palettes like redemption series are actually considered to be the dupes for urban decay nakeds.

Recently I was looking for earthy neutral matte eyeshades for my fall/winter tutorials. And by kiss of god, this beautiful matte palette came to my attention. “Flawless matte” 32 ultra professional eyeshadow from Makeup Revolution London – a mix of nude, naked, earthy tones of browns, grey, pinks, creams. The textures are to die for. I honestly confess this one is by far the best palette in terms of pigmentation. Soft and creamy on your fingers and ultra smooth coverage on your eyes.

Before I keep on writing and raving about this product and brand, check out my video for detailed review of all the products i bought from makeup revolution. Instead of the pictures, you would find more convenience in looking at the product live.


Eye Makeup-With Flawless matte

So What do you think  guys?? Am sure after watching the video, you would be heading to buy atleast one of the product from the brand.


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