Metal Love- Foil Finish Metal Eyeshadow in Rose Gold By Makeup Revolution

Hello Makeup Hoarders

Its the best time of the year not just because of festivities but It does brings Diwali sale along.I “m totally a one minded girl when it comes to sale.Nothing fancies my eyes beyond discounts on makeup products. This time around again I got berserk with online makeup shopping. Bless Flipkart , Amazon and Nykaa for bringing great discounts on my favorite brands.Also if you notice you get the same product a bit cheaper online as compared to buying from counters. It makes a huge difference in pricing when you buy more then one product. The gap may differs upto INR 150 on your every purchase.

There is a list of beautiful products i bought online which will be reviewed shortly and singularly. Stay tuned for One Review everyday.

Ok now don’t get bored if i say am going to review another product from Makeup Revolution. Seriously I should make another category exclusively for this brand only. So lo and behold as a newer and spectacular product is being unveiled.

“Makeup Revolution Awesome Foiled eye shadow in Rose Gold”


Honestly, I have never came across such highly pigmented eye shadow before. The color is neither gold or silver but a mix of both along with pinkish tinge as the name suggest “Rose Gold”. Its not a dried eyeshadow but supremely creamy in texture and super easy to work with.You need a very less amount to get the maximum coverage and can be blended for extras.

Without Primer

Without Primer

With Primer

With Primer

It can be used directly or either mix it with liquid primer that comes along and get a more intense outcome.Just take a little bit on the dish which is provided in the packaging, add a drop of primer, mix well and used with a brush. Avoid blending as it might breaks into shinny particles.This product is best used for evening cocktails,night outings and weddings due to its glitteryness.


At this price, this product is hands down giving a tough competition to high end brands.You get a good amount of product in each jar which will last forever. Its super creamy, bang on consistent,inexpensive and easily available. Cant wait to buy other variants of this products.

Also I did use this product in one of my recent videos.Do check HERE

Price:INR 700

Availability: Flipkart

Rating: 4.5/5

So what do you think guys??/ Are this be your next purchase??


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